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People have been smoking meats for thousands of years. This ancient practice began before the days of refrigerators and freezers, when humans had to find creative ways to preserve their food. Today, people smoke their meats for the unique flavor it brings. Smoking is also an effective means to tenderize meat and can turn an ordinary cut into a delicious meal.

The first step on the journey to delicious smoked meats is to get yourself a smoker and some hardwood. In our previous blog, we share our favorite types of gourmet smoking chunks. There are a myriad of options in the world of smokers, but you can never go wrong with a Primo Smoker. This smoker is no ordinary grill. What separates the Primo smoker from a grill is the heat insulation factor. These smokers are made of ceramic, so they hold in heat to help food cook well and retain its moisture. Traditional grills don’t insulate heat and actually pull moisture out of your food. But, if grilling is what you’re looking for, the Primo smoker can double as a grill easily.

Perhaps Primo’s most distinctive feature is its patented oval design that allows users to cook over direct heat with one half of the smoker, and over indirect heat with the other half. This gives you complete control over your cooking and allows to, for example, grill steak and veggies at the same time. This versatility not only comes into play while grilling, but it also gives you the option to grill, roast or smoke – all with the same unit!

Another feature of a Primo smoker that adds to its usability is that it doesn’t require seasoning after you purchase. Since this smoker comes ready to use, there is no need to apply any oil to the ceramic.

The Primo smoker is perfect for both grilling and smoking. It’s also incredibly efficient and holds all of the heat inside, and it’ll land you the title as the best barbecue master in the neighborhood.

While there is a big, wide world of smokers out there, we recommend focusing on models that can burn wood fuel – like Primo. firewood for cooking always imbues your food with delicious flavors that will have people coming back for seconds...and thirds...and maybe fourths! We’re happy to act as your personal wood fuel consultants as well. We’re just a phone call away, or, come visit our showroom to see our products in person.

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Leroy Hite

Leroy Hite is the founder and CEO of Cutting Edge Firewood, an ultra-premium firewood and cooking wood company located in Atlanta, Georgia. Leroy's mission is to give people the experience of the perfect fire because some of life’s best memories are made in the warmth of a fire’s glow. He founded Cutting Edge Firewood in 2013 with a goal to provide unmatched quality wood and unparalleled customer service nationwide. The company offers premium kiln-dried firewood, cooking wood, and pizza wood in a wide variety of species and cuts to customers around the country.