Smoked Pizza: Tips on Smoking Pizza With Firewood

Smoked Pizza: Tips on Smoking Pizza With Firewood

As the sun descends and the world seems to hold its breath, there emerges the age-old tradition of gathering around a fire. Among the wisps of smoke and the gentle glow of burning embers, memories are made and experiences are shared. 

One such memory, rich in flavor and aroma, is that of a smoked pizza. While traditional pizza ovens offer their own delightful experiences, there's an unmatched primal allure in cooking pizza over open flames. 

This guide will delve into the world of smoking pizza using firewood, ensuring every slice embodies the tradition it’s built on.

Why Should You Smoke Your Pizza?

There’s a pristine, earthy charm about using firewood that taps into our deep-rooted connection with nature. Now, it's essential to note that a dedicated wood pizza oven, with its calibrated heat and design, will usually yield an optimum pizza. 

But if the call of the wild stirs within you, then smoking your pizza might just be your culinary adventure. Before we explore the how-tos, let's understand why.

You’ll Get Delicious Flavor

The essence of firewood infuses every bite of your pizza with a flavor that is profound and rich. Each piece of wood, with its unique character, leaves behind a nuanced taste, making your pizza a reflection of the wilderness itself. Beyond this sensory allure, the science of smoking with wood stands as an art of its own. 

As wood combusts, it releases aromatic compounds that are absorbed by the food, lending it a distinct, smoky flavor. This natural alchemy, where the wood serves not just as a fuel but an ingredient, deepens the culinary experience. The compounds released vary with the type of wood, making the choice of firewood a critical element in the flavor profile of your smoked pizza. 

It’s Quick

Despite the artistry involved, smoking a pizza is a swift affair. In less time than you might expect, you can have a pie that resonates with the sounds, sights, and smells of the great outdoors. 

Through indirect heat, the smoking wood offers consistent warmth that can quickly and expertly crisp the crust and melt your cheese to perfection. This efficient heat transfer ensures a quick cooking process, with the pizza not just cooked but infused with the primal allure of nature’s wonders.

It Can Save Energy

Relying on nature's bounty, specifically top-tier firewood, means consuming less energy compared to conventional ovens. It’s a nod to both tradition and sustainability, intertwining past wisdom with present needs.

At Cutting Edge Firewood, we recommend using wood smokers over electric or gas smokers. Beyond the alluring flavors they produce, wood smokers are also unburdened by the need for electricity or fossil fuels. This not only produces a superior flavor but also treads lightly on the earth. 

Choosing high-quality, ultra kiln dried wood like ours is an additional leap toward efficiency. Such wood burns hotter and cleaner, minimizing smoke and byproducts and maximizing the infusion of that cherished smoky flavor into every inch of your pizza.

With these enticing reasons in mind, let’s journey further into the heart of this age-old culinary art.

How Do You Smoke a Pizza Using Firewood?

Embrace the ancient ritual and natural rhythm of cooking over a flame as you prepare to smoke your pizza. Let the enticing aroma of wood smoke fill your senses, setting the stage for a culinary experience that's as ancient as fire itself. Gather around the fire, feel its heat, and let the adventure begin.

Step 1: Set the Temperature

Start by ensuring your smoker is set to a fiery temperature of at least 475°F (245°C). This blaze is essential for achieving that perfect, crisp crust and delectably melted cheese.

Step 2: Preheat the Pizza Stone

Place your pizza stone inside the smoker, allowing it to preheat for at least 30 minutes. The stone’s thermal mass will provide a consistent and even cooking surface for your pizza.

Step 3: Add Your Wood Chunks

Add pieces of ultra kiln dried wood chunks to your smoker. The roaring flames and hot coals will lay the foundation for a perfectly smoked pizza full of rich and smoky flavor.

Step 4: Monitor Your Pizza

Observe your pizza as it cooks in the embrace of smoky warmth. In about 10 minutes, witness the transformation — the crust turning a golden hue, the cheese bubbling and melting, and the delightful sizzle of toppings, indicating your pizza’s readiness.

What Equipment Do You Need To Smoke Pizza?

Delving into the ritual of smoking pizza, especially in the embrace of the open air, requires more than just a good recipe. It requires the right tools to serve as extensions of your culinary intent. Below is a guide tailored to ensure that the richness of every slice is unlocked, blending sophistication with the primal essence of cooking over flame.

The Right Smoker

The journey begins with choosing the right smoker. We firmly advocate for a wood or charcoal grill. They not only elevate the flavor profile but also underscore efficiency. The design ensures consistent heating, letting the robust smoke seep through your pizza, instilling it with an unmatched smoky flavor. 

In contrast, gas smokers impart an unwanted taste and carry a heavier environmental footprint. Similarly, electric smokers fail to deliver the quintessential woody flavor that is fundamental to an authentic smoking experience.

Wood Chunks

Next in line are our smoking wood chunks. Specially crafted for use in renowned grills and smokers like the Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg, these two-inches-or-less dried hardwood pieces guarantee prolonged and dense smoke. The enduring smoke from these chunks infuses your pizza with a diverse array of flavors, eliminating the need for continuous wood addition. 

Introduce these to your grilling toolkit, and let the distinct temperatures and flavors elevate every meal beyond the ordinary, hitting that perfect note of wood-smoked flavor.

Pizza Stone

A pizza stone is non-negotiable for that ideally crisped crust. A properly preheated pizza stone will hold the desired temperature and encourage even and consistent cooking throughout the smoking process. Its specialized surface draws moisture from the dough, presenting a pizza with a crispy, satisfying crust.

Let the flames do their work, infusing the crust with a golden crunch and melding your toppings of choice in a warm, smoky embrace. The resulting pizza, rich in flavor and texture, stands as a testament to the seamless blend of tradition, equipment precision, and culinary expertise.

Which Firewood Is the Ideal Choice for Smoking Pizza?

Now, once you have your equipment in place, your next pivotal decision revolves around choosing the right firewood. Remember, your wood serves as not just a tool but an ingredient all in its own right.

When it comes to smoking, you want to use hardwoods like hickory, oak, or cherry. These dense woods can reach higher temps and retain their heat for longer than softwoods, making them perfect cooking companions.

One of the most common smoking woods is pecan. Renowned for its robust and hearty flavor, pecan imparts a deep, rich smokiness. This dense wood burns hot and steady while imparting a bold flavor to your dish, making it a reliable choice for those who wish their pizza to have a pronounced woody undertone. However, it’s important to keep in mind that pecan’s strong flavor may overpower your dish if you aren’t careful.

For a less intense flavor, you can’t go wrong with oak wood. Our oak pizza wood is the epitome of precision and quality. Oak burns evenly, producing a gentle, medium smokiness that compliments rather than overpowers the delicate flavors of your pizza toppings. 

And for an added touch of sophistication, cherry wood is a go-to. Cherry offers a mild, sweet touch to the smokiness. The red glow of the flames makes it a visual spectacle. Perfect for intimate gatherings or romantic date nights in the backyard under the stars, cherry wood infuses every bite with an enticing smoky sweetness.

Why Does Quality Matter?

The choice of firewood can transform your pizza from a mere meal to a sensory expedition. It's about the crust, golden and crispy, infused with the earthy aroma of wood. It's about toppings, each bursting with flavor yet harmoniously melding with the smoky undertones. And, most importantly, it's about that unmatched feeling of unity, of communion, evoked by the age-old practice of cooking with firewood.

Our ultra kiln drying process stands out as the most rigorous in the industry. This is crucial, as the higher moisture content in seasoned or regular kiln-dried wood can produce a musty scent and invite unwelcome rot, mold, and bugs. 

At Cutting Edge Firewood, each piece of wood is meticulously hand-selected, ensuring your firewood is of the utmost quality. This meticulous process guarantees a consistent, even, and hot burn, allowing the wood to smoke evenly and impart the ideal smoky flavor to your dish.

Size indeed matters when it comes to choosing the perfect firewood for smoking pizza. Uniform pieces not only cook more evenly but also stack more efficiently, keeping each piece dry and aesthetically pleasing as they fit perfectly together on our racks. We carve our dried, hand-selected wood into even pieces for each box and offer a variety of sizes to seamlessly fit different smokers, pizza ovens, and stoves. 

How To Elevate Your Smoking Experience

Smoking a pizza, especially when kissed by nature's elements and caressed by wood's aromatic whispers, is not just about food — it's a wholehearted experience. Every flame, every scent, every sizzle, and every taste is a brushstroke on the canvas of memories. But to fully immerse yourself in this experience, a little effort can go a long way.

Begin with the setting. Add comfortable seating, perhaps blankets or cushions spread on the grass, lanterns or string lights casting a gentle glow. Play some soft background music, tunes that sync with the crackle of fire and the chirping of night critters. Such preparations subtly beckon everyone to slow down, to savor, and to connect.

Throughout history, fire has been a beacon of gathering. Around it, stories have been shared, songs sung, and bonds forged. In the radiant glow of fire, faces light up, eyes meet, and silent understandings are formed. 

The role of fire in this tapestry of human connection is indescribable. When smoking your pizza, let the fire be not just a tool but also a participant. Encourage conversations around it. Let its warmth become the silent thread connecting everyone present.

The allure of firewood, especially when handpicked for its quality and dried to perfection, plays a pivotal role in this. It ensures your fire remains consistent, its warmth enveloping, and its aroma inviting.

The Bottom Line

Embarking on the journey of smoking pizza with firewood taps into something profound, something primal. It's not just about the taste, although that in itself is sublime. It's about crafting moments, memories etched not just in our minds but in our souls. 

A well-smoked pizza, where the crust has imbibed the earthy tones of the wood and every topping resonates with nature's harmony, is a testament to human connection. It's about the communal allure of gathering around a fire, of sharing slices and stories, of laughter and silences, and of the past remembered and the future anticipated.

Elevate your smoking pizza experience by choosing Cutting Edge Firewood, a brand synonymous with unmatched quality, consistency, and flavor infusion. Allow yourself the luxury of transcending ordinary culinary boundaries, stepping into a world where tradition, taste, and togetherness coalesce into unforgettable experiences. The flame has been lit; let the exploration begin.


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