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Cherry gives off a smokey-sweet flavor that pairs well with just about anything you’re grilling or smoking - poultry, steaks, vegetables, seafood, turkey, pork, and more!



Absolutely the best run company imaginable!

Homer R.

Awesome firewood, best service in the world

Joe J.

Great burn and taste for my pizza! The pizza wood from Cutting Edge is amazing.

Dusty R.

This is beyond a doubt the best firewood I’ve ever purchased. Creates a beautiful, blazing hot, actual heat producing fire.

Terri K.

Delivery was awesome and firewood perfect. Timely and awesome service.

Howard G.

I LOVE how this wood ignites and burns.

Chuck D.

Love the boxes the chunks of wood comes in! Nice thick chunks that works for my vertical charcoal smoker.

Antonio J.

From ordering online to delivery. Cutting Edge has impeccable customer service and absolutely beautiful wood.

Craig B.

We’re in love with the cherry wood smell— but the thing that will bring us back to Cutting Edge was the *truly truly truly* exceptional customer service.

Eugene P.

Benefits of Choosing Cherry Wood

There's an ancient allure to cooking over an open flame, a primal experience that’s only enhanced by the wood you choose. Opting for cherry wood offers an unmatched sensory experience. 

Unlike hickory wood or apple wood, cherry introduces a unique smokey flavor that enhances any BBQ. Its moisture content, especially when it’s properly dried, ensures a consistent burn. Plus, the cherry tree's natural composition ensures that your food, whether it’s red meats or poultry, gets an even smoky flavor.

Can You Use Cherry Wood for Smoking?

Absolutely! Our Cherry Smoking Wood Chunks, specifically curated for the smoker wood aficionados, are the perfect addition to your charcoal smoker. The essence of wild cherry wood smoke can make smoking meat, from brisket to seafood, an intimate affair. 

What Foods Pair Best With Cherry Wood?

The nuanced smoke flavor of cherry wood is versatile. It finds a harmonious connection with delicate foods like fish and smoked cheeses, gently enhancing their flavor profile. However, don’t underestimate its compatibility with red meats. Whether it’s pork, beef, or lamb, cherry wood’s sweetness complements and enriches every bite.

How Does Cherry Wood Compare to Other Cooking Woods?

While the robustness of hickory and the deep richness of pecan wood envelop the senses, cherry wood elegantly distinguishes itself with a refined sweetness and an alluring, warm red glow. Meanwhile, apple wood, a revered counterpart in the fruit wood family, imparts a nuanced fruity flavor that is similar to cherry's subtly sweet and smoky allure.