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Hickory lends its bold flavor to steaks, ribs, chicken, fish, and more. Our ultra-premium hickory burns hotter and longer than other hardwoods, so you’ll spend less time feeding the fire and more time cooking over it. This one is a favorite of competition chefs and BBQ teams around the country.



Absolutely the best run company imaginable!

Homer R.

Awesome firewood, best service in the world

Joe J.

Great burn and taste for my pizza! The pizza wood from Cutting Edge is amazing.

Dusty R.

This is beyond a doubt the best firewood I’ve ever purchased. Creates a beautiful, blazing hot, actual heat producing fire.

Terri K.

Delivery was awesome and firewood perfect. Timely and awesome service.

Howard G.

I LOVE how this wood ignites and burns.

Chuck D.

Love the boxes the chunks of wood comes in! Nice thick chunks that works for my vertical charcoal smoker.

Antonio J.

From ordering online to delivery. Cutting Edge has impeccable customer service and absolutely beautiful wood.

Craig B.

We’re in love with the cherry wood smell— but the thing that will bring us back to Cutting Edge was the *truly truly truly* exceptional customer service.

Eugene P.

What Flavor Does Hickory Wood Provide?

Hickory wood is renowned for its deep and bold smokiness, a flavor that's been savored and passed down through generations. As a primary choice for BBQ aficionados and pitmasters alike, hickory's distinct smoky flavor is an invitation to the primal allure of cooking in the open air. 

Our hickory wood provides an authenticity that transports you back to ancient times when sharing a fire-cooked meal was not just a way of life, but an intimate experience connecting individuals.

How Does Hickory Wood Compare to Other Cooking Woods?

When comparing different cooking woods, hickory is distinguished by its superior burn and heat intensity. It’s like the heartbeat of Texas BBQ, infusing a unique smoke flavor that’s both intense and memorable. 

When comparing hickory with other types of woods, it stands out for its unique flavor. Muskier than fruity apple wood, mild cherry wood, or nutty pecan wood, hickory provides a robust flavor and burn. However, because hickory carries such a strong flavor, it easily overpowers the sweet flavor of fruit woods. 

What Foods Pair Best With Hickory?

Hickory wood and smoking meat are a timeless duo. The smoky flavor derived from hickory smoking wood elevates any red meat and wild game, transforming them from simple cuts of meat to mouth-watering delicacies. 

The rich aroma from the hickory wood chunks is a favorite on the charcoal grill or an offset smoker, which is designed to maximize the wood's aromatic potential. 

How Do You Properly Store Hickory?

To keep the essence of hickory intact, proper storage is key. Our firewood racks are a nod to the luxury and quality of the wood they protect, especially for our 16” cooking wood logs. The specialized boxes our ultra kiln dried hickory wood comes packaged in also make for excellent storage solutions. 

Elevating the wood off the ground and ensuring it’s stacked evenly encourages optimal circulation. This attention to detail ensures longevity, shielding the hickory from potential pests, rot, and moisture. It also ensures that the rich flavor of your wood remains at its best for longer, so you can enjoy hickory-smoked meats any time you want.