Cutting Edge Firewood Presents

Orchard Apple Firewood

Our speciality orchard apple firewood is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! If you appreciate a more subtle aroma when sitting around the fire-pit or fireplace, our orchard apple firewood is a great pick. Because it burns less intensely than hickory firewood it creates a more calming fire to gather around

Orchard Apple Firewood

Delivered Right to Your Door

We ship Orchard Apple firewood anywhere in the continental United States in boxes, racks, and bulk packages! If you are located in Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Greenville, or the surrounding metro areas, find out about our complimentary firewood delivery service

Why Apple Firewood?

Apple firewood is the favorite choice for many fire burners. It’s loved not only for its low emissions and ability to be easily ignited but also for the fact that it burns longer than most. Making it an excellent heat source for your home or for those long nights by the fire.

Apple firewood has a subtle sweet smell, making it great for your indoor fireplace or your outdoor firepit. It also adds an exceptional flavor to your food when you cook with apple.

Because it burns less intensely than other woods, oak firewood is a perfect choice for creating a relaxing ambiance. Each piece of firewood in our Apple Firewood box is hand-selected by our expert team to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards, so you can trust that you are getting the best firewood available. Elevate your next gathering with our luxurious apple firewood.

Something to Consider Before You Buy Apple Firewood

Our expert team hand-selects and inspects each piece of firewood to ensure it meets our rigorous quality standards, so you can trust that you’re getting the best of the best when you choose our orchard apple firewood.  Upgrade your fireside experience with our luxury orchard apple firewood. Experience the unique aroma and ambiance of apple firewood today.

When apple is delivered to your home, the first thing you’ll notice is the unique aroma and ambiance. Whether on display or while burning, apple fills your home or yard with a subtle smell you will appreciate throughout the year.

Burning Properties of Apple Firewood

  • Ignition: Starting a fire with apple logs is relatively easy.
  • Burn time:  Apple firewood burns longer than most.
  • Heat: The flames apple firewood produces are hot
  • Aroma: Apple is known to produce a  subtle, sweet aroma.
  • Brightness: Apple gives off a beautiful warm color. 
  • Emissions: Apple has fewer emissions than oak and cherry and is considered a cleaner burning wood.
  • Insects: Due to our kiln drying process, our apple firewood is free of pests.
  • Mold: Our kiln drying process also removes all mold from our logs

Where Does Apple Firewood Come From?

In the lifecycle of apple trees, there comes a poignant juncture where their grandeur surpasses their fruit-bearing capacity.

Traditionally, orchard caretakers would fell these majestic trees, letting their essence be consumed by flames in open fields. Recognizing the innate value and potential of this resource, we've opted for a more sustainable approach. By sourcing this wood, we not only honor its legacy but also provide you with an opportunity to relish its unique character. As a result, our apple wood stands as a testament to carbon neutrality and the ethos of renewable luxury.

Why Buy Your Apple From Cutting Edge Firewood?

We’re not only enthusiastic about burning firewood at Cutting Edge Firewood, we want to deliver memorable fire experiences.

We achieve this by providing the highest-quality firewood and services, so you can rely on us to deliver the cleanest-burning firewood every time.

We understand that acquiring good apple firewood can be tedious, bringing it home can be exhausting, and getting a good fire started can be frustrating. 

Cutting Edge Firewood is here to guide you through the entire process and ensure your experience is stress-free and memorable.

How Does Apple Firewood Compare to Other Firewoods?

the ambiance it creates. Understanding these nuances helps ensure that your fireside experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Apple firewood is revered for its slow burn, providing a steady and reliable source of heat for those cozy indoor evenings or outdoor gatherings. Its subtle, sweet aroma creates an inviting atmosphere that is sure to transport you to a serene apple orchard with every breath.

Cherry wood, another type of firewood, is known for its mild sweetness and soft, red glow. Pecan, while not as commonly used as apple or cherry, offers a rich, robust aroma that is neither too subtle nor overpowering for a smoking wood.

White oak and hickory are heavyweight contenders in the firewood arena. They burn hot and long, making them ideal for wood stoves or lengthy fireside evenings. However, they lack the delicate aroma of fruit tree woods like apple and cherry.

Remember, no type of wood is inherently superior — it all depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for cooking wood to infuse a subtle sweetness into your next BBQ meal or seeking the perfect crackling firewood to create a warm, inviting fireside ambiance, Cutting Edge Firewood has you covered with our range of ultra kiln dried firewood.

How Should You Store Apple Firewood?

Storing your apple firewood correctly is non-negotiable. It's the difference between a mediocre fire and an unforgettable, sensory-filled experience. Here's how to ensure your firewood remains in prime condition.

Keep your apple firewood dry. Moisture content can make or break how well your wood burns, leading to harder ignition, increased creosote buildup, and excessive smoke. 

To protect your wood from moisture and pests, store your firewood in the boxes they arrive in, or upgrade to our firewood racks. These racks elevate your wood from ground moisture and promote ventilation.

Your firewood storage should be well-ventilated and shielded from the elements. Our delivery artisans can help you choose the perfect spot to store or display your firewood without compromising its quality and longevity

Remember, dry wood doesn't just burn better — it smells better. At Cutting Edge Firewood, we remove the guesswork with our ultra kiln dried method. This process optimizes the wood's moisture content, reducing creosote buildup, minimizing smoke, and enhancing the wood's aroma and burning properties. 

Trust us to deliver the highest quality apple firewood, ready to fuel your fire and elevate your experience. 

If you would like to learn more about our services or have any questions, please contact us by either calling 678-878-2434 or emailing and one of our experts will be happy to help you.