Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box

Artisanal Hickory Firewood Box

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Similar to oak, but better in every way. It burns hotter, longer, with even less smoke and a bold aroma that most find superior. Our expert team hand-inspects each piece of firewood to ensure it meets our exacting standards, so you can trust that you're getting the best of the best.

With its ability to start easily and burn hotter and longer than other firewoods, our hickory firewood provides the perfect foundation for a roaring fire that will keep you and your guests warm and cozy for hours. And its rich aroma will transport you to a world of luxury and nostalgia.

Upgrade your fireside experience with our ultra-premium hickory firewood. Experience the exceptional warmth and ambiance of a hickory fire today.

Your order comes fully stocked with everything you need to build up to four exceptional fires:

  • 16" Hickory firewood logs
  • Excelsior fire starters
  • Ample kindling
  • Premium wood matches

The Story Behind our Artisanal Hickory Firewood:

Hickory is a dense and heavy hardwood that is perfect for memorable fireside experiences. The density means it will burn longer than other hardwoods, which means you’ll spend less time feeding the fire and more time enjoying it.


And there is a lot here to enjoy. Hickory’s classic crackle sound and hot burning properties make it perfect for cold nights with your friends and family gathered around the fire pit. If you’re looking for a great aroma, the smell of burning hickory is one of the best. Since our firewood undergoes such a rigorous drying process, you’ll never smell mold or must mixed in with your fire. You and your guests will simply enjoy the pure aroma of hickory.


Hickory is also a popular cooking wood. It provides a bold and distinct flavor to any of your favorite foods. Our cooking chunks are perfect for backyard smokers or grills, and our cooking wood is great for full sized smokers or cooking over an open fire. If you grill or smoke food over hickory for others, be prepared for them to ask, “why does your food tastes so good? What makes this different?”


There are over 12 different species of hickory firewood, and all of them are great for fires. We work with our suppliers to choose the best pieces and cuts of hickory. Our wood is sourced local to the the kiln, so that it undergoes our rigorous drying process while still fresh. This ensures that our wood has not started decomposing and is still hard hand dense.


The artisanal hickory firewood is delivered to our warehouse where our team hand selects each piece to ensure it meets our quality standards and is then placed on a rack or inside a box, ready to be delivered to our customers.


Depending on your location, we then deliver or ship the artisanal hickory firewood to your home. If you’re in a local delivery area, our delivery artisans can place the rack of firewood anywhere you choose. They’ll even stack it into an existing rack if you choose.


Artisanal Hickory firewood from Cutting Edge is perfect for display as well. It has a clean appearance and provides a fresh aroma year round. Because it is pest, mold, and fungus free you can feel good about storing it inside. Keep it close to the fireplace so you’ll be ready to start a fire when cold weather hits or you simply want to enjoy the crackle and look of a premium fire.


What’s in the box?

This box artisanal hickory of firewood includes everything you need for 2-4 amazing fireside experiences. Specifications include



    • Our 16″ standard cut firewood




    • The artisanal hickory firewood box is 17″ by 16″ by 14″ and weighs up to 50 pounds


    • Same day or next business day delivery available (in certain regions) when selected at check out


    • Subscriptions are available for added convenience.


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Why choose a box?

Although smaller than a rack of hickory, boxes of hickory are a popular way to receive firewood. Here are a few reasons boxes might be right for you:



    • You love the convenience of having everything you need in one box.


    • You can easily take a box with you on a camping trip, to the beach, or to the lake.


    • Boxes make great gifts.


    • You want to try a variety of products before choosing an entire rack.


    • You have less storage space and don’t want an entire rack. Boxes are great for townhomes or condos with fireplaces!


    • You have multiple fire areas and want the convenience of a box to carry firewood to tonight’s fire area.


    • Boxes are easier to ship across the country.



Love Fires? Try our Exclusive Subscriptions

Did you know that subscriptions are available for our artisanal hickory firewood? It’s the most convenient way to keep your fire experiences going, and it offers substantial savings for local delivery customers. Subscriptions require a short, 3 month commitment and come with plenty of great fire experiences.

Weight: 49 lbs

Dimensions: 17 in X 14 in X 16 in


What does “thermoelectric” mean? Our Thermoelectric Fire Pit converts the heat into electricity, powering four fans for 360-degree warmth distribution from the ground up.

Does it need to be plugged in? Nope!

Is it smokeless? Yes

What are the dimensions? Internal diameter of 18”. External diameter of 22". 22” tall with lid. 20.5” tall without lid

Is it portable? Yes - move with 2 people

How much does it weigh? 105 lbs

Does it come with a lid? Yes

Does it come with a cover? Not needed!

Should I clean it? Yes

How do I clean it? With water, mild soap, and a towel

What size/type of wood should I use? Any 16” Cutting Edge Firewood!

What is it made of? Stainless steel

Is it waterproof? It’s water resistant (safe in rain)

When is the expected delivery for pre-orders? Fall 2024! (quantity limited to 300)

Can I customize it with my own logo? Not at this time

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