Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack
Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack

Artisanal Hickory Firewood Rack

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Similar to oak, but better in every way. It burns hotter, longer, with even less smoke and a bold aroma that most find superior. Our expert team hand-inspects each piece of firewood to ensure it meets our exacting standards, so you can trust that you're getting the best of the best.

With its ability to start easily and burn hotter and longer than other firewoods, our hickory firewood provides the perfect foundation for a roaring fire that will keep you and your guests warm and cozy for hours. And its rich aroma will transport you to a world of luxury and nostalgia.

Upgrade your fireside experience with our ultra-premium hickory firewood. Experience the exceptional warmth and ambiance of a hickory fire today.

Our proprietary metal rack of hickory stands 2’ wide and 4’ tall, comes with our Delivery Artisan Service, canvas cover and with enough wood to build up to 25 exceptional fires:

  • 16" Hickory firewood logs
  • 2’ x 4’ storage rack

Delivery Artisan Rack Service

  • The airbrushed, patented rack is personally delivered by our Artisans.
  • When you reorder, our Delivery Artisan will replace the empty rack with a full one.
  • The rack comes with a top canvas cover.

* Service available in Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Chattanooga, Greenville, greater metro areas and North GA.

Experience the epitome of luxury fireside living with our premium artisanal hickory firewood. Dense and heavy, this hardwood burns for longer periods of time, allowing you to relax and enjoy the warmth and ambiance of your fire. Its classic crackling sound and intoxicating aroma will transport you to a cozy and inviting world of your own.


Our artisanal hickory firewood undergoes a rigorous drying process to ensure that it is free of bugs and mold, so you can enjoy the pure aroma of hickory without any unwanted smells.


Upgrade your fireside experience with our premium artisanal hickory firewood. You and your guests will be impressed by the rich, aroma and long-lasting warmth it provides.


Additionally, our hickory cooking wood is perfect for the food enthusiast. Its bold and distinct flavor enhances any grilled or smoked dishes, making it a favorite among professional chefs and home cooks alike. Our hickory cooking chunks are ideal for use in backyard smokers or grills, while our larger cooking wood is perfect for full-sized smokers or open fire cooking.


So why settle for an ordinary fire when you can elevate your fireside experience with our premium hickory firewood? Its long-lasting burn and rich aroma will create unforgettable memories for you and your loved one. Upgrade your fireside experience today and experience the luxury of hickory firewood.


The Story Behind our Artisanal Hickory Firewood:







At Cutting Edge Firewood, we pride ourselves on offering the finest in luxury firewood experiences. That's why we work closely with our suppliers to select only the best pieces and cuts of hickory for our customers. All of our firewood undergos our rigorous drying process while still fresh, ensuring that it is hard, dense, and free of pests, mold, and fungus.


Once the wood arrives at our warehouse, our team hand-selects each piece to ensure it meets our exacting standards, and then carefully places it on a rack or in a box, ready for delivery to our customers. Our skilled delivery artisans will place the rack of firewood wherever you choose, and can even stack it in an existing rack if desired.


In addition to its exceptional burning qualities, hickory firewood from The Cutting Edge Firewood is also perfect for display. Its clean appearance and fresh aroma make it a beautiful addition to any hearth or fireplace, and because it is free of pests, mold, and fungus, it can be safely stored indoors. Keep it close at hand so you'll be ready to start a fire at a moment's notice, and enjoy the crackling warmth and inviting ambiance of premium hickory firewood.









What’s in the rack?

This rack of artisanal hickory firewood includes enough kiln dried oak for 15-25 fires. Specifications include:



    • Our 16″ standard cut firewood


    • The hickory firewood rack is 2′ wide, 4′ tall, and 16″ deep


    • Local delivery customers receive our firewood in our patent pending metal rack, complete with complimentary canvas cover. Racks that are shipped outside of our delivery zones receive firewood inside a wooden rack.




Why choose a rack?

Cutting Edge Firewood Racks (Patent Protected) are a great choice for customers who frequently burn firewood. Whether you make fires inside our outside, for warmth or for fun, a rack of firewood gives you access to top quality firewood. Here are a few benefits of our racks of firewood:



    • Our metal racks are sturdy and perfect for displaying firewood.


    • Our canvas cover protects your firewood from the elements.


    • Racks can be displayed inside or outside. Delivery artisans can set your rack up in any location you choose.


    • Racks contain hundreds of pounds of the best firewood available – it will burn longer, hotter, and with less smoke.


If you have less room or don’t need as much firewood, then we suggest trying out a box of our hickory firewood.



Weight: 330 lbs

Dimensions: 16 in X 24 in X 48 in


What does “thermoelectric” mean? Our Thermoelectric Fire Pit converts the heat into electricity, powering four fans for 360-degree warmth distribution from the ground up.

Does it need to be plugged in? Nope!

Is it smokeless? Yes

What are the dimensions? Internal diameter of 18”. External diameter of 22". 22” tall with lid. 20.5” tall without lid

Is it portable? Yes - move with 2 people

How much does it weigh? 105 lbs

Does it come with a lid? Yes

Does it come with a cover? Not needed!

Should I clean it? Yes

How do I clean it? With water, mild soap, and a towel

What size/type of wood should I use? Any 16” Cutting Edge Firewood!

What is it made of? Stainless steel

Is it waterproof? It’s water resistant (safe in rain)

When is the expected delivery for pre-orders? Fall 2024! (quantity limited to 300)

Can I customize it with my own logo? Not at this time

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When you purchase high-end wood from Cutting Edge Firewood, you can breathe easier knowing you are burning the cleanest firewood available in the Atlanta area. There’s no need to worry about the dangerous emissions you might experience with inferior firewood.

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